Finding Our Groove

It's been a busy couple months here at Burning Benjamins. Our relocation went very smoothly for the farm-- we are settled nicely into the Treibers' farm and have started "spring training" for both young horses since they had the winter off up in Maine (and oh, my, did they grow!). CJ and Diaz are simply amazing, and I couldn't be happier with them! Both horses' flat is coming along, they are going out on hacks, and are over fences like champs! We are working on having a pony trucked up from Ocala (that whole "adventure" of finding her a trailer ride north deserves its own blog-- I've never had such a difficult time finding a ride for a horse!) for Charlotte to put some miles on in Pony Club and the show ring. In the meantime, both girls have been riding a friend's wonderful pony, and Isabell has also been riding a couple OTTBs at their farm.

I've been busy with our young horses, doing some bodywork on local horses, and with learning to gallop racehorses! I like all the horses at the farm (and have picked out my next horse as soon as he's done racing, wink, wink!), but I confess to having a favorite "little" 3yo gelding who will be making his racing debut in the near future-- his barn name is Raggan or Raggs (or sometimes Ragweed), JC name is Lastofthebearfeet, and he was bred and is owned by Jason Cole of Colebroke in West River, MD. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching him work at the track in Bowie where they truck in for workouts-- he was a superstar! You can feel his joy when he gallops and you talk to him while he's running-- he really loves his job! I can't wait to see him run in his first race.

Now that we've been here a whole month, our belongings have been unpacked, and we are getting into a routine, life feels pretty normal again (as much as it ever does, anyway!). I'm looking forward to having things settle down enough that I can visit friends more often instead of running those mundane errands that fill one's time when one first moves to a new place! The kids only have a couple more weeks of school before summer vacation, and I can't wait! We already have Pony Club Champs on the schedule, and I've been working on a calendar-- so more updates soon!