The Sweetest Surprise

After months of trying to coordinate trailer rides (and having several fall through at the last minute!), Sugar Bear has finally arrived in Maryland!  I've never had such a challenge transporting a horse before, but it was worth the wait.  Charlotte got the surprise of the year when the huge tractor trailer pulled in-- we told her it was delivering another load of young future racehorses for breaking, and then watched her face when we told her to go look at what a tiny thoroughbred was sent!  Sugar Bear has been PERFECT in every way, from marching off the truck to adjusting to turnout with our other horses to being back under saddle (she had several months off before she arrived).  She's a wonderful addition to our farm, and with her sweet disposition and personality, she'll be out and about with her little monkey of a rider in no time!  Watch out, world, it doesn't get much cuter than this!