Keeping your horse at BB means top quality, well-educated care by professional horsemen.  We offer insured training board, certified instruction, showing, sales, clinics, rehab and bodywork.  Horses spend as much time as possible in our large pastures.  They enjoy plenty of attention daily, and are carefully monitored for health, happiness, and progress in all areas of training.  We are very happy to call a lovely, 59-acre farm in Clarksville, Maryland, our home base.  We have a large indoor arena with a second floor observation room that offers a bird's-eye view of the goings-on in the riding arena below; large outdoor ring with jumps; acres of fields for riding with plans for adding cross country jumps in the near future; and trails with plenty of space for hacking out. We have a hot water wash rack and plenty of turnout with automatic waterers or troughs and run-in sheds in each field.  We care for each horse as if it was our own, with tailored nutrition and training regimens.  We feed premium Poulin feeds, and have a nutrition specialist test our hay and regularly check in on all our horses.  We will happily feed supplements if you provide them for your horse.  The barn has aisle ceiling fans and all stalls are fully matted.  The barn boasts excellent ventilation, a heated tack room, and a full bathroom with a shower among our amenities.  Horse care is top-notch, and we absolutely LOVE what we do.