It really takes a villiage. Or maybe a small army. Besides owner/trainer Chiantel Beaumont, we have assembled a superior support team on whom we rely to help keep our horses and ourselves in top form.  Our farriers, Mike Poe and Heather Schumaker, make sure the horses have the highest quality hoof care available and bring experience working with many performance sport horses. Our acupuncturist, Andrea Brand, keeps horses and riders in tune and feeling great. We also work with a select group of veterinarians who provide chiropractic and dental services as well as routine and specialty veterinary care.  Nutrition specialist Shelly Chase Facto with Poulin Grains ensures our feeding program and hay quality meet all the nutritional needs of horses in our program, and Nick Hertog, president of Grand Meadows, a supplement company, consults about our supplement use as most of our performance horses receive Grand Premium Plus with their meals to help with the added stress of competition and training.  Erin Bryan is our saddle fitter and County Saddlery rep who fits and adjusts our saddles to ensure our horses have the best possible circumstances to fulfill their potentials as high performance horses.  Besides these highly qualified professionals who are experts in their fields, we also have working students and interns who help with the daily chores and care of the horses, as well as amazing horse owners who make our barn environment upbeat, friendly, dynamic and immensely enjoyable. 

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