With a science and bodywork background, Chiantel excels at explaining the correct biomechanics of both the horse's movements and the rider's body position, while creating harmony between the two.  Riders are taught to ask their horses to come from behind and softly accept the bit using the classic principles of the Training Scale in order to create harmony in their partnership with their horses.  Every session is tailored to meet the needs of each individual horse and rider, and Chiantel's goal is to produce sound horses with long, successful careers.  We do love our thoroughbreds, but we work with all breeds in a variety of disciplines. 

Young horses are taught to move happily forward without rushing, and to use their bodies correctly while developing self-carriage and acceptance of the aids.  This approach to training creates a solid foundation which builds balance, strength and correct musculature to support the horse's frame and improve their way of going.  Horses are well prepared for dressage and jumping through field dressage, hacks, xc schooling, gymnastic jumping sessions, as well as ring work.  As horses advance in their training, Chiantel methodically move them up the Training Scale and help each horse reach his fullest potential.  

Here at Burning Benjamins, training and instruction follow a systematic approach to improvement.  The focus on basic skills leads to correct development for successful steps forward, with the belief that building balance and correct muscle structure applies to both horse and rider!  Riders learn to apply the aids correctly while maintaining proper position, as well as to follow best practices in horse management so that they become well-educated horsemen.  This knowledge helps foster success in and out of the show ring.


...I fed off of her determination, unrelenting enthusiasm, and desire for greatness. She’s a wonderful teacher, explaining complex theories of energy movement from the horse, and body position and strategy in the rider. Chiantel has given me the tools to better my riding.
— Melissa Dufault, University of Maine

We offer insured training board, instruction, showing, coaching at shows, sales, clinics, rehab and bodywork.  Whether you're tuning up for show season, moving up to the next level, selling your horse, searching for a new horse, or looking for training for your equine partner, BB will meet your needs.   Keep your horse with us at our picturesque farm, truck in for lessons, or contact us about coming to you.


Please contact us for instruction and training packages as well as clinics, schooling and performance or prepurchase evaluations.


Diaz patiently being the demo horse for Roxanne Bowman of County Saddlery during the saddle fitting demonstration at the Maryland Horse Expo in January, 2015

Diaz patiently being the demo horse for Roxanne Bowman of County Saddlery during the saddle fitting demonstration at the Maryland Horse Expo in January, 2015

Chiantel is an intuitive, experienced and knowledgeable horsewoman dedicated to her family, her work and the surrounding equine community. She is dedicated and will make sure that you and your horse feel great!
— Tracy Worthington Ginn, DC Mollyocket Pony Club

Handling Declan's Moon at the Maryland Horse World Expo for the 100-Day Thoroughbred Challenge with the Retired Racehorse Training Project ( This photo was captured by Ellen Pons ( who lives at Country Life Farm, where Declan's Moon spends his retirement from racing.

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