Naming our farm was an adventure.  I agonized over it for a long time, brainstorming with Mark and the kids.  We threw around a ton of names, none of which seemed to stick.  "Blackacre" had a trial run, but it just wasn't quite right.  We have a whole orchard of fruit trees, mostly apples, and "Pommes de Chevaux" didn't resonate with Mark (we already have enough horse apples on the farm without having to give it the same name!).   Finally, we all decided that we would like to somehow incorporate our beloved pony, Benjamin, into the name, since he's been around forever and is such a staple in the equine community in our region of Maine.  I suggested "Flaming Benjamins" since we often refer to Benny as "Benny Big Mane," a nickname he earned many years ago thanks to his outrageously thick, spiky orange mohawk 'do.  It never lays down, even when it's grown out like a wild Mustang's, and it looks like he has a mane of flames when he runs around the pasture (or riding ring!).  As soon as I put that idea out there, Mark piped in...  "Burning Benjamins" has a totally different connotation to him.  He'll tell you our farm name refers to what happens to money when horses are around.  He's wrong.  They are worth their weight in gold for the joy and  fulfillment they bring to our lives.  Now that we have relocated to Maryland, we have decided to keep the name as a testament to our roots and to the hard work and dedication we put into starting our own endeavor.